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Cairo Pics- 2011


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#1 Cairo Bank

2-How Cairo lost it's marbles

3-Sammy and Walt

4-Ron Sheppard and Nancy Frier

5-Even the youngsters were dealers!

6-Jeff Theobald

7- Ron with Jabo West Virginia Show,boxed set

8-Howard and Julia Powell


10-Dave and Dale examining the last run!


12- Davis Bros. Marbles

13-Mike Johnson and Dean Six doing identifications

14- Me and Eddie Seese

15- Me and Kris Parke

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Here are some pix Nancy sent. I resized them some. I have the bigger versions if anyone wants them.

(click to enlarge)

Here are the Cairo Marble Park and Marshall Hardware.

th_CairoMarblePark_b.jpg th_Cairo_MarshallHardware_b.jpg

I recognize some of the people here - like Nancy and Dave - but if anyone wants to help me out with names, that would be great!

th_Cairo_Nancy_Dave_b.jpg th_Cairo_Nancy_b.jpg

th_Cairo_044_b.jpg th_Cairo_035_b.jpg

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Great photos of everyone and it looks like the activities went really well and some quality art pieces that were shown and bought, congrats, everyone, job well done. Love seeing successful shows as we all head into the future.

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O.K. Steph on the four pics in your post that top left one which you partially ID does have a McCullough granddaughter in the foreground but I don't know if that's Mylee or Madyia. The next pic clockwise is Mike Johnson, Nancy and Dean Six. The third pic going clockwise is standing Dale Simmons, Sammy Hogue and Mike Johnson with Julia Powell in the foreground. And the fourth pic has some chap I should know standing beside Sammy. Needless to say I stand corrected but that's my best shot presently without doing any digging through past pics. Oh, that guy Griff gets scarier and scarier. David

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The fourth picture is Sammy Hogue on the right and Junior Ice on the left. Junior is one of our local long time Marble King experts.

I did get all the Blue Ladies including the box,from one local person. The Akro and Master boxes from Mike Johnson. This year there were not many Cairo marbles for sale,as in the past. More and more people keeping and collecting them now. Smitty did bring some and sold every one quickly. Craig,they were the same as the ones you sent me. A couple mesh Buddy bags and a mesh Jackson bag were there. Nancy Frier brought a variety of original bags from Alox. Jeff Theobold(columbusrockhound)had a nice display of his new graphic designs wood collector boxes. A good variety of old and new marbles filled the building,and some outside. The very best,was another day shared with many good friends.

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