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The Ultimate Door Prize

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Several monhs ago Cathy Runyan(the marble lady) entered a design the door of your dreams contest. The contest was put on by Simpson which is a well known maker of custom doors. Needless to say she won. Her husband Larry asked me to install it for them. I had to trim it to fit their current door opening, hinge it, drill it and last night put the final coat of finish on it. Three of the marbles are panels of glass with hundreds of peewee marbles sandwiched between. This is one of the coolest door designs I have ever seen.



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Unusual project and easy to see how it won first prize. Anything is possible if you use your marbles.

At first I thought that was a three eyed longhorn, then realized it was a marble bag! LOVE IT!!!

Which side are you facing out? Don't forget a screen door to help protect that beauty. ;)

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