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Chuck G

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Way to go Steve, you are correct. These three are look-a-likes but i still think they could possibly be pelts. Some have told me that these three could be MKs and or foriegn German made. The ribbon numbers are the same as pelt with the yellow and hot pink. I do have pelts that are real similiar to these so in conclusion they still could be pelt possibly but majority rules if they are not. Still looking for a name for the top row the first three marbles. One is on an opaque white base, one on a transluscent base and one on a clear base with blue/gray ribbons and pink ribbons. Need a name for these. Chuck G--

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I dont have a pic handy, and mine arn't that color but they remind me of some marbles from Argentina - dont know if they were manuf. there.(but 3 lots of similar from there)

They have a kinda peltier feel to them though. most of mine are blue/white.

I'll get you a pic soon.


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