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Your Favorite Cat Eye? Most Valuable Cat Eye?


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What is your favorite cat's eye? Your most valuable cat eye? Or any cat eye you think might be worth a dollar or more.

Here's an easy one to start with. My four color St. Mary's. In my mind I estimate it at around $25.


Here's an 8-vaner which was a gift so I couldn't sell it for any price but I would assume it is worth more than a dollar. Agree?


I have some blue based Vitros which were also gifts so I wouldn't sell them but I also assume they'd be worth more than a dollar. I'll rustle up some pix of those if no one else posts any.

As a cat eye lover I don't usually focus on their value. But the question came up and it's a tough one. Most cat's eyes, even the beloved ones, aren't worth that much. So which ones are worth sorting out if someone is interested in selling? That's the gist of this thread. But if you just want to post a favorite regardless of value, I won't complain!

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Winnie, That is some nice stuff! Cat Eye Cobra's would be a good handle. Very unusual, colorful and I have not seen any like these but I also do not get around much. Some might say as good as any handmade, end of day, or any other exotic valuable marble that might have come from a machine. See how many others show up here in the class of these and if nothing shows, put them away and ask $1,000 for them. Someone needs to set a record price for a cateye and right now you are getting my vote.

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