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These And More Will Be On The Chopping Block At Canton

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hope canton is different this winter, the feeling of the days leading up to the show this summer were rather odd. It was sorta highschool clique style, very Top Secret, not very friendly, there were also several missing faces and griff got stuck way down one wing of the hotel. People need to open up their rooms and be more friendly if you want people to continue to show up for these shows.I think the only people really selling marbles this summer were craig and art jones, sell some stuff people, come on...lets get this hobby back on it's feet.

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WOW! I am getting so many offers, at the motel I may have to number them and put a box out where folks can place their offers. Then give them to their new owners noon Saturday or ship them. Never had to go to any lengths like this but it seems there are a few popular marbles heading East. Any other suggestion on how I can make it fair.

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