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For those of you who try to ship "first class" using the free boxes from USPS, they are really starting to "crack down" on the use of the free "USPS priority mail" boxes......They are really stepping up the inspection process for misuse of these boxes....Apparently people are "flipping" the boxes inside out and also covering them with wrapping paper before trying to send merchandise.....but the inspectors are sending them back to the originator and also demanding the price difference between priority mail and "first class" delivery prices....or in some cases the difference is passed on to the recipient in the form of COD.....

I have only done this a couple of times in the past and never had a return or got charged, but they are certainly stepping up the game.... CLICK THIS LINK to see the big controversy about recycling vs throwing away the boxes...pretty interesting.

Ironically, priority mail costs twice as much as first-class mail, but doesn't arrive at its destination any quicker.

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I've found that 1st class is just as fast as priority. So, I only use priority if it is over 14 ounces and they force me to. The people at the Post Office get pissy if use a plain box for priority and then don't put those red, white and blue priority mail stickers all over it.

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"to see the big controversy about recycling vs throwing away the boxes...pretty interesting."

just another ignorant idea by the post office, if you wanna know why they are about to go under, just look to the people in charge and some of the bright ideas they have.

this is last yrs news


lets crack down on people recycling boxes, we might raise 9 + billion?

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I use U.S.P.S. Priority exclusively for shipping unless cheaper, slower, less secure is requested.

I have not found first class to be of similar speed. Priority 2 to 3 days most 90% 2 days(thats right behind overnight at 1/3 the cost). first class 3 to 5 with 4.5 being average.

Priority boxes are handled differant than general delivery and all packaging materials are delivered for free to ur door.

The USPS delivers to Every, Every Door in the nation 6 days a week(thats a lotta doors). letters for less than haf a dollar, packages at 20% to 60% of private carriers.

Is it in need of refinement? of course. The bloat of mis managed governmental systems is fodder for hundereds of threads.

But this one is manged better than most and has been for some time. It does have debt. but this is our cost for a system that for the most part has paid its own way for decades. including the retirement cost of its workers. Most of its current debt can be traced to "new" inane congressional language associated with the funding of same retirement system.

Not trillions of cost like other governmental depts., a few billion (lol, a lill number these days)

email, digital data....their fight in a new economy - like all business these days - is easy to trace. but they are making the fight and doing a fair job at it. I feel they will correct their own course as they have shown the ability to do in the past.

I wish the rest of the government depts. were anywhere near as efficient. No I am not a federal employee. lol

As far as using a product someone gave u for free (probably shipped to ur door) and I have done it! To further undercut their profit margin! well really!! I guess an I'm sorry is due and I Am. and understand them being a bit miffed about it. But would ask that you take another look at the huge task set in front of the U.S. Postal service and how well, all in all they accomplish that task.


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" I feel they will correct their own course as they have shown the ability to do in the past."

your kidding, right? this has nothing to do with the past, its the present, thats where we are at with this.

as you and the family gather around the mailbox to sing battle hymn of the republic, id ask you to re-evaluate the scenario.

sure 9 billion aint much, maybe you should just write a check right now! lotta laughs here

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I'm rooting for the post office.

Keep saying I'm going to start writing letters again. Maybe I'll write a few this afternoon. If you're on my mailing list maybe you'll know in a few days if I kept my resolve. ( :

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I would highly recommend using online postage, like stamps.com. I've been using it for a couple of years and the only time I go to the PO is to drop off the bin with the stamped packages in it. Walk in, drop it off, walk out. It's great.

same here....for the past couple of years, Ive done all of my postage online as well....Its so cool to be able to just "drop off the package".......I havent used their "pick up service" yet, but know its available and I would imagine that short are the days in which USPS will pick-up your packages...( Im figuring alot of "perks" will be stopped to save money)

If they are losing money on people re-using the boxes at cheaper postage rates.....just stop giving away the free boxes! and let people buy them.....Perhaps there is much more $$ for them in many ways if they did that!

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I know where a large group,maybe 1/3 of those boxes above went. Into the back of my truck and to the post office for shipment. I would like to know how many thousand,medium and large size priority boxes have been shipped with marbles the last 4-5 years. Some of us are helping pay the debt,LOL.

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