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Marble Buddies Run At Sammy's Mountain Marbles

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I took some pictures in Sammy's workshop with a makeshift gray background and my small camera. They weren't so good and i'm not posting them here. I brought a second group of marbles to the home of Bonnie and David McCullough and using a gray sweater for a background got some great images of the marbles. Here are some incredible marbles. I can hardly wait to have my own marbles and my Nikon to do more pictures.grooup-5.jpg

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Yes, all made yesterday. We divide them today and head out to Marietta for the WVMCC show. I've found some German antique marbles for my son, some Vitro for me, no contemps yet, but lots of old friends. It's been a fun week.

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I already miss all of you. Got home today a little before 6:00. Griff I need some info for the newsletter. I'm going to work on it tomorrow. Great cheesecake! Thanks for the good times and the food. Can't wait for September.

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Dave had told me he was going trout fishing. It must have been rainbow trout fishing. :cool-smileys-262:

I just got these the other day.

You guys and gals might not want to miss getting any from this run. It looks like the BEST one, yet

From Sammy's Mountain Marbles "The West Virginian Run" (5-7-13).

Amazing colors and patterns in this run for sure.


Dave and Sam :music-rocker-001: are Sam and Dave :music-rocker-001: are doing it, doing it.

Right! :cool-smileys-262:

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