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New Photo Set Up

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Cool, I was looking at these too. It looks like you still used a flash on that pic. If so, I think it come out better without it. You might have to rearrange the lighting a bit though.

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Look at that!!!

Almost no shadow. Make sure you set the light setting to tungsten, that's what those lights are. I also, kill ever other light in the room.

I only got blue/black/white for my background choices, you got more.

Macro setting as well, 2 sec. delay. I also use a monitor for the output, can't use the small screen with these eye's!!!


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I think the darkness at the bottom of the marble results from using the flash and I don't think the lights you're using will prove bright enough by comparison to reduce that effect much.

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Your result is very good.

I've tried it hard,cause i don't like the light dots on the marble but did not manage to make a decent photo.

I have not tried it with a flash.

Looking at your marble without the flash (they are much brighter than mine) i'm thinking my lights bulbs are not strong enough.

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Winnie, alot of this is your camera settings. Most likely need to use:

Custom/Program mode

ISO: 50/Auto

Light: Custom White Back/Tungsten...... I've been use Custom...grey card

Macro: 5.6FL

Drive: 2 seconds

Largest Image format

Super Fine

I center my lights with the camera lens left to right and about 1" behind my camera.

and I use an output monitor so I can see what I'm doing with a live preview......using half shutter click to focus.

Hope that helps

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Galen, The reason I asked earlier if you had additional filter material was because if you could filter the lights when they are positioned as you had them in your first pic of four, I think that both the hotspot and shadowing issues should resolve with no flash.

And FWIW, I think the clarity of the first pic is better than the others but I agree the hotspots are annoying.

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The tent will work great if you can get enough light. I have used one for other things in the past but have yet to get another. New lens comes first. The biggest issue I see you facing Galen, is the color control. You can play with different lights as the current are giving a color cast. Much of that will be hard to get rid of with camera settings alone.

The color correct bulbs will help with that and the rest I would do in processing. Not having the marble in hand I was to some degree....guessing at some adjustments but took the liberty of making some adjustments to see how close I could get. Here is my adjusted pic.


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Hello!! Your pic's look pretty good Galen. Winnie, the one on the right looks the best IMO. Is that the correct color for the grey?

Okay here we go..... REMEMBER I didn't take the setup picture with my camera, so they are not so hot.


Here's everything set up...using a monitor for my Live output. Also grey background to shoot.


Notice my lights are behind my camera. Sort of lined up with the corner edge of the tent.


Camera is above the subject. If you camera is heavy you might have to weight down the tripod.


There's my Live preview/output so I can make sure everything is right.

So here's the money shot.....




Hope that helps!!

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