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Colorful Master Marbles

William Marbles

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Nice Marbles Everyone!!!!

That's a neat box Steph. What number is it?? How many more you need to fill it? Is that an akro in there, right side middle row, 2nd from right?

'tisn't my box. I just wanted to play. :)

ETA: It's No. 2.

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Hey Winnie,

Hope you're not up because of the same insomnia bug I have.

Can't contribute to the primary discussion, but wanted

to say that you have one heck of a great marble caddy there. ( :

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hi Winnie.

mostly the sunbursts are on clear, but can also be found on a an amber, light blue, green tint, .. I think what may be confusing is the' tigereye' type masters..they are always on a clear glass base. don't know if this helped much?

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Super pictures!!!!

Here's what Alan had to say about them....


The Master Marble Sunburst appears to have been an effort to reproduce the handmade onionskin marbles of an earlier era. These marbles have a clear transparent base which may be partially to entirely filled with colored glass filaments. The filaments run from one pole to the other and may be opaque to translucent and in a variety of colors. A variety of colors occurs, but most Sunbursts have only three colors or less in them. This trait helps differentiate them from Akro Agate Sparklers, which usually have more and brighter colors than do Sunbursts. However, some multicolored Sunbursts with four colors do exist.

A specialized variety of the Sunburst is known as the Tigereye and is fairly rare. This marble is essentially a Sunburst where the filaments occur only in a wide flat band that forms a ribbon stretched from pole to pole. It has been noted that most of these are white, black, and orange.

Some Sunburst-like marbles with a colored transparent base have been identified as Master marbles. One type that has been called "Crab Claws" has a transparent green base and yellow filaments and strands. These appear to be rather scarce.

Now one of my favorite one's is on the 3rd row last one on the right in the OP picture. Half of it is 'moonie' type glass... It's Killer!!!!

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