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What Would You Think ?

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You are looking at pictures.

The marbles,3, look like what you collect

The item is listed at -3/4 in size

What size are you getting ?

I got (2) 5/8 and (1) 41/64

I message the guy about the confusion and I get

"The header says -3/4 so just below 3/4 is 5/8 you know 5/8,6/8 and so on"

The worse part is the guy has thousands of Feedback from solely selling marbles.

I expected 47/64 or maybe 23/32.....what you would think you would have been receiving had you bought these ?

He acts like I am being difficult and up to something as he has told me he will refund once he gets the EXACT same marbles back......I told you, I get the nutters like no other.

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Even as a relatively inexperienced and pretty casual collector, I'll say this.

A 5/8 is a 5/8. To say <3/4 is no more accurate than saying <2 1/4.

To me, < or - 3/4 suggests that a micrometer has been used, and that

the marble is at least 1/64 but no more than 1/32 shy of that figure.

As such, your 41/64 could have properly been called a +5/8. :)

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Gnome-Bob will read your posts eventually so please be respectful. Very few marble sellers accurately ID all the mibs they sell.

Oh come on...this is not an ID...this is a size.

He guessed...from a distance is all I can come up with. He sells all of that Jabo and sammys stuff and a marble is either 1 size or another. The sheer FACT he sells so much of that means he should be able to get a hel of a lot closer at a glance than most people who do use callipers. No, he tossed a number up without looking or he made a mistake....he did not make a mistake in his eyes, so I am going with the initial view as the other view would be intentional deception.

Either or, I am the mistaken one here and I am now the bad guy for wanting a full refund and shipping covered both ways as far as he is concerned. I am the King of the world, His Words, because I do not feel I am responsible for ANY of the monies involved with this transaction and wanted a COMPLETE refund for sending them back. He disagreed and I told him I would keep the marbles and leave a neutral. he then made another smart ass remark and then a final insult so a neutral is out the window.

I guess my point is that NO ONE would have assumed they were getting 5/8 marbles and he thinks that I am wrong in that assertion

I also told him to come read, that way if he felt I was lying he could correct me. I save all of my messages and I do not make up things nor do I leave things out to color a view in my direction

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Someone who has sold that many marbles should know that that 1/8 of an inch makes a huge difference to marble collectors.

4/8 = peewee

5/8 = average marble size

6/8 = shooter

This is crucial information. GP is not incorrect here.

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Seems funny to me that these marble sellers don't spend the little bit of money it takes to own a digital caliper. I sell digital calipers on my web site for 27.95 and I am sure they can be purchased on Ebay for less. If your selling things where size is very important then give the proper size in you description. This said I'd be leaving at least a neutral maybe a negative!!

You do seem to find all of the bad apples on Ebay ................. Better you than me!! HA HA

All my best ......... Danny

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when giving sizes and I use a + or - it means it is ever so slightly over or under the measurement I use. And I usually break it down to at least 32nds. I will have to see how I list a marble with ebay as I still have never sold one on the bay

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I know this seller and he is reputable. You must have really irritated him. He always refunds money when there is a problem.

Yes, it is my fault. I expected A and got B...that is the entire matter. I questioned him on the size issue and he went on the defensive and then started acting foolish.

I have had people contact me over this and several people have vouched for him, but also saying they see where there was an issue and how there must have been a mistake and I have told the seller I am leaving no feedback. He issued a refund for the purchase amount. I told him if he would pay actual shipping back I would go ahead and send the marbles, that it was his choice. I am not out to hustle anyone...i only want to buy and pay for what I am bidding on and nothing more and most certainly nothing less.

Part of his final message....I say final as he said he was done.

It is your option that I was wrong. Maybe I was.
Just a difference of how things or done. Doesn't make either of us right or wrong.
My mind is clear and I can sleep at night. I don't believe the description was improper and surely wasn't done deceive anyone. Clearly you don't see it that way.
Yes, I was a little tacky probably should not have that. Sometimes I just can help myself when I feel I am being attack for no reason.
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Size is important to me.

Gnome, what kind of marble did you buy?

William...there were just plain ol corks. But colors I did not have in 3/4 yet which was why I was excited to win them.

It was small money but a big disappointment as I cannot attend marble shows and I am forced to reply on ebay. I have no luck buying anywhere else or trading and that is ok, but the whole of the hobby revolves around marbles I have to buy on the bay

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