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Do You Have A Favorite Christmas Movie?


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Although the television 'tradition' that you can see below in my guide

listings is a little strange, I'm going to have to go with this one.

It has the light-hearted semi-silliness that I enjoy in movies and other shows. ( :


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As a dedicated couch-potato I'm no longer talking to 'The Punter'. :P

There've been a lot of great holiday movies on Lifetime.

I was ridiculously happy when they dropped the logo shown below.

Man it used to pee me off when they actually said it at every break.

I have no idea why every guy in the world isn't a 'feminist'.

If you put women in a 'role', then it automatically ass-umes that men

have a 'role' too. I don't want that any more than they do!

Don't get me wrong. When I suddenly spin around there are drops

of testosterone flying all over the place! ;)


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A biggie to me about black and white is that there's a

greater 'dynamic range' to it. At any given moment there

can be really bright things and really dark things in the

shot at the same time, and there's detail in both of them.

Instead of ink black and clorox white. To this day, color

film or video isn't as good in this respect.

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So Morgan!

What got you into the 'Christmas Spirit' enough to respond to this topic?

("Meeting all you great people at TMC!" would be a good answer.)

Glad you're checking out 'The Lounge' along with the more serious marble 'forums'. B)

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