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What German Hand Mades Are Rare?

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What desiginates rare in the Hand Made German Antique marbles? What criteria is important in judgeing the rareity? I think that we talk so much about the machine mades, its time to give equal time to the hand mades. Any help and input would be appreciated because as much as I love the handmades, I am 20 times less educated than I am in machine mades and I'm sorta dumb there too !!! lol Still learning after 26 years.

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Every Handmade is, in a Way, rare. At least, rarer than machinemades, i think. You get lesser marbles of a cane than you get out of one batch machinemades (not sure about that, its just a guess...)

Most of the time, the big ones (<1") are rarer than the smaller ones.

Another Criteria for the clear based marbles, is the number of layers. Most have two, three are much rarer because they mean an extra step in manufacturing (Not sure if there are four or more layers...). I have myself only two three layered yet.

For the latticinos its the color of the core. White and yellow are common. Orange is less common. Everything else could be considered as rare. Alternating colors are also rarer, when they are made of other colors than white and yellow. I got one with three colors, i guess you could consider that rare.

There are a lot of other criterias, i will leave them to the others :-)



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In Collecting Antique Marbles, Paul Baumann gives tables of "relative rarity" with percentages for various colors and features, based on his observations of the marbles he had at his disposal. He tells the sample sizes he derives his figures from. I just tried to skim to remind myself of where the samples came from -- whether they were all his or were ones he had access to in other collections -- but I couldn't find that little bit of info.

If you don't have this book in your collection, I recommend it.

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One of our members Swiss Marbles posted his web address in Jeroens 3 rare handmades thread,

Great site http://www.glasmurmeln.com/Swirls.htm

There is a preview look at the book Steph recomended in google books the first 27 pages are shown in the preview pages 28 to 208 are not shown


I also have a pee wee white yellow orange lattice bit different to yours stefan as its lots of white strands and few of the yellow & orange

bit beat up though but if you want to see it i will wet it to try to get a picture


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the core is almost solid with white strips alternating then yellow black white black i haven't seen another on any of the webs sites ive visited

Hopeless picture i know the colours are brighter in person the marble is 12 mm


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Thanks guys would have been a pretty nice one

Think it does help soaking them in the solution mine is just a little far gone although after soaking it all night it looks better will be giving a few more a little soak today shame these guys are so hard to find in decent condition ive got another odd one not your usual bright colours looks like a solid core with deep ruby bands

but i dont know whats rare or whats not i only decided to collect marbles a few months ago

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The second is another odd one, please bear with my awful pics! I couldn't get them to come out right!
This one is a clear handmade with mica/blizzard ( hard to see in pics, kinda looks like bubble or dings), but what makes this unusual to me is the single greenish brown line that runs perfectly through the core. Also, it's hard to tell, but the large entrapped bubble within the marble is outlined with a reddish color. If I can get better pics of these I will definitely post!


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here is a red and white alternating latticino core. it on the bask side has two red and two white next to each so all are not alternating






and a three stage there both 5/8




and just got a while ago ,have others that are bigger what I like are the ground pontils on the smaller marbles as they are mostly a good looking marble and well constructed . Mike

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