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Peltier Picture Marbles Trivia


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Some years ago Gerry Coleman acquired a carton of Peltier Picture marbles - the set with 5 marbles.


He made an astute observation that the bottom of the boxes were marked "A", "B" or "C". And each box had different combinations of picture marbles which corresponded to lettering on the bottom of each box.


"A" boxes had Bimbo, Annie, Skeezix, Moon and Betty, as what's pictured on the front of the box.

"B" boxes contained Koko, Sandy, Andy, Betty and Kayo.

"C" boxes had Koko, Bimbo, Emma, Smitty and Herbie.

Now you know; most boxes did not originally contain the 5 comic characters pictured on the front.

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The 12 original comics were all that are known to have come in box sets. The other comics were very likely just a promotional item requested by a company looking for a unique way to advertise their product or simply a prototype made by Peltier in attempt to attract additional business from another company.

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So were the worlds fair, mix, coates, hoover, just promotional mibs and given out at the worlds fair or did they possibly come in boxes too? Thanks for the photo eye candy, this is why I come here....to l

the world fair and hoover were just post a few weeks back


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The Cote's Master Loaf marble was advertised as being part of the 12-marble box set. Check out p. 139 of AMMM.

Well, it was pictured in an ad as part of the 12-marble box set. The fine print said the marbles come packaged in bulk, so I don't know if they were sold as box sets or if the boxes were part of a display for the grocers or what.

p.s., the picture of the box set is a little odd -- looks like the Cote's Master Loaf marble was drawn onto a photo of a box with real marbles inside.

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Chad...Betty Boop, Bimbo, and Ko Ko were with Fleischer Art Service, not King Syndicate, I think...

Clyde...I seem to remember that a rubber Hoover die stamp was found in a house 1/2 block from the factory in Ottawa, several years ago.

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The Agreement with Fleischer Art Service, Inc. commenced on August 1st, 1933. This was for permission to use their cartoon characters, Betty Boop, Bimbo, and Ko Ko.

Peltier also had an Agreement with the Famous Artist's Syndicate, who were in control of the Chicago Tribune comic characters, for the rest of the original twelve picture marbles.

Peltier was never able to reach an agreement with King Syndicate. They were only willing to offer Popeye, Krazy Kat, the Katzenjammer Kids, and Little Annie Rooney.

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