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Marble Show Report Fullerton, Ca

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I would like to say Rich did a great job with this show and I cant wait until next year. WAY TO GO RICH and all that helped him.

Found some great marbles and visited some nice people.

I like to post my marbles it's how I share them and enjoy them. I like to bring them to shows for the same reason. Most of the time they are put away for safe keeping.

I hope you all enjoy them too.

I wish everybody would share there collections here. ;-))


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Killermarbles traded me a nice little CAC striped opaque for a nice little handmade I had found locally in the wild.

It is always an exciting and humbling experience to see collections like his where there are marbles that are worth more than your entire collection.

I also got to hold Galen's big insane red/black/yellow CAC flame that looks like it flew in from outer space. Holding it, I had this feeling that even if I collected for 50 years I would not find its like.

I bought three guinea halves and from the right angle they look whole! Now I can say that I own 1 1/2 guineas. ;)

Bennie Jones was there Friday night but not Saturday, so I ended up spending most of my mib money with him and his increasingly flexible pricing. It sort of spoiled me for Saturday when vendors were asking for $15 for 5/8" Masters and other offences against my cheapskate collecting sensibilities.

I also got a cork with a clear, honey-colored opalescent base, which is just stunning in hand. Never saw one before but now it is one of my favorite corks. Would like to see its big brothers.

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First time in a long while that I just showed up for the show. Had a great time and there sure was a lot of foot traffic all day long.. Found a marble I needed and one I wanted and 2 contemps for gifts so it worked out good for me.Randy picked up quite a few good mibs and those 2 Pelts were bonus mibs. Rich did a heck of a job getting it done!!!

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