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What Is The Story On Peltier White Onyxes?


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Some discussion a while ago, best as I remember. I think the general idea was that they were hard -- if not impossible -- to find. But that according to Pelt records (Migbar, you can jump in here anytime! Or Galen -- ) they made them, so?

I think there was ultimately a general (although not universal) agreement that the issue might be one of not enough Peltier characteristics present to make an ID . . . I believe Mike only found one white handgathered on the site, and from the photo he sent me (maybe I still have that somewhere) I don't think you could say it was Peltier as opposed to, say, Akro. I think a very few white machine-made Pelt slags have turned up, but from the couple I've seen (none in person) the characteristic Pelt feathering was very light -- not much white at all. So maybe also hard to ID as Pelt. Wish I had one.

Anybody have any?

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In Steph's Study Hall > Mostly Pix-Gropper > post #17 I showed a page from the June 1926 inventory that mentions amounts made of various colors onyx marbles, including some white ones. However,in 1927, the amount of white onyx marbles made, was nearly the same as the other colors, up to size #3.

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I have a white one that appears very light blue, not their nice aqua color or dark blue. In hand looks closer to a very light aqua but when back lit, the base is clear with good feathering. I also have a true orange

The closest I can come to white are a couple of very pale vaseline slags . . . and you're right, the feathering is more evident when they're backlit too. You can see it in the glass more prominantly than you can see it in the white. If you know what I mean.

I think white ones are probably out there, but just not recognizable as Peltier.

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