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Which Are The Rarest Types Of Onionskins/end Of Day?

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some time ago I bought a strange looking onionskin on ebay. The ebay photos were not so good, but it looked like it had a mushroom shape.

When I got it hope and take a closer look it was indeed a mushroom shape onionskin/ end of day single pontil.

The first photos of the marble are in daylight. I has unfortunately some damage. The second photos are taken under water, and now you can see its full beauty.

As far as I have seen I know only of one other mushroom that belonged to Les Jones, and is pictured in the book end of day marbles from Stanley Block.

I know blizzard onionskins are rare, and mica panels also, but how many mushroom type onionskins are there?

I look forward to see other examples.




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The mushroom shapes make are called clouds and are end/begin of the cane. Here are some clouds from previous Morphy's (not mine)

Hi Clyde,

Nice examples of end/begin cane clouds, but I won't call them mushrooms, as they don't have that typical shape. The one from Les Jones was not an end/begin of the cane as I remember.


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