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Black Brick Or Just A Black Marble Withj Oxblood Mfc

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well here is a very different MFC marble very dark and signs of a lot of use and life in a marble bag . so would this be a black brick or just a black marble with oxblood , for sure a good # 9 and tail . open to all answers , got a few when just a little water . . Mike

It is small at only 5/8 . wish it was better as it is dark needs a lot of light to be seen . rare or ?/ worth a wax job ?






there are a few more pics in the album should be able to see all the pics


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No green it is just a solid black and a lot of black the more I look I can see the oxblood well into the black so may be just a brick with no white . wish it was better as it does look like just oxblood was added but I guess not how they were made ? so then is a black brick just a ? or just a regular with a name for more value ? Mike



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it is a water solvable floor wax from a school , It is a polymer and was used in the floors and was a soft wax in other words we would not have to burnish with a machine to get a shine . it has been a lot of years so I forgot the name . Mike

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