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Who Made Marbles With Purple?


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I didn't know (or didn't remember) I had a purple ribboned marble in my Jacksons. I probably would have guessed Alley for this one up front:


Who all made marbles with purple? Pictures, pretty please. :)

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Besides Alley, there are a few lavender-based Akro corks, if you want to count lavender. Ummmm. I have a few purple pelt slags of the feathered variety -- some dark purple, others ranging up to lavender. And I have a couple of white-based WV swirls with purple ribbons, but I've seen them identified as both Alley and Ravenswood, so I keep them in my Puzzle Box.

Do you mean just machine made?

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It's a dug marble from the Jackson site. And more swirly than that one patch-like view makes it appear.

"As far as the question of who made marbles with purple, might be easier to ask who didn't"

lol, well, yeah, yet I still end up thinking "Alley" when I see lavender swirls.

Ann, I was thinking machine-made but any and all eye candy is welcome. :)

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Maybe they used the glass from the same sources. Or maybe whoever Jackson got cullet from was using the same formula Vitro did if Vitro wasn't using cullet yet. The time frame is similar. 1940's.

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