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Who Made Marbles With Purple?


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Besides Alley, there are a few lavender-based Akro corks, if you want to count lavender. Ummmm. I have a few purple pelt slags of the feathered variety -- some dark purple, others ranging up to lavender. And I have a couple of white-based WV swirls with purple ribbons, but I've seen them identified as both Alley and Ravenswood, so I keep them in my Puzzle Box.

Do you mean just machine made?

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It's a dug marble from the Jackson site. And more swirly than that one patch-like view makes it appear.

"As far as the question of who made marbles with purple, might be easier to ask who didn't"

lol, well, yeah, yet I still end up thinking "Alley" when I see lavender swirls.

Ann, I was thinking machine-made but any and all eye candy is welcome. :)

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