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Marble Euphemisms Used By Ebay Sellers

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Over the years these are some phrases I've picked up in eBay listings from sellers selling marbles. Many of these sellers are totally innocent and my goal here is not to make it personal, but to be funny and share some of my pain I'm sure many of you have felt over the years:

"unpicked" = picked over by a collector (how else would they know there was value in picking?)

"played with" = damaged

"overall pretty good" = damaged

"judge by the photos" / "you be the judge" = damaged

"i am not an expert' = knows marbles well enough to put in this disclaimer

"almost an inch" = 7/8" or below ;)

"huge estate collection" = estate of former Mega Marbles employee

"selling as is" = extraordinarily damaged

"mint minus" = NM+ or NM

"near mint minus" = slingshot ammo

"?" in title of listing = knows enough to have picked out the CACs

"old?" = contemporary

"oxbloods" = marbles with red glass

Who has more?

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It's really the people with the annoying shipping rates that get me. Nothing that weighs 5 oz cost $18 to ship. EBay still charges a final value fee for shipping charges so I don't get why people do that

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