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Vegas .. How Was The Room Trading And The Show?

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Both the room trading and the show itself was as good as I have been to any Vegas show if not better. Lee, Ernie and Dani were exceptional hosts as always. There were great marbles to be found throughout the show, including great last minute deals. A gorgeous couple of early Akro Agate boxes showed up at the show. Many walk ins brought many marbles to be appraised during the show. It was great to spend good times with friends, meeting new collectors and finding marbles. We missed you and and few other regulars, but few old timers that were missing a while showed up. The whole time went so fast we couldn't believe it was over. Looking forward to next year already.

Thanks to the trio to organize this great event.


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Thanks Sami. we also couldn't believe it went so fast! great times, great friends! heres a picture of the boxes. we saw these boxes in Vegas 7 years ago. Much to our surprise they were brought to us unannounced, flown in from Hawaii. These are early boxes, I believe the first gift boxes akro made. these are exactly as they were found, nothing changed or added. Originally found under a house in Hawaii, which is where the kids played marbles! (thanks so much to Gary!!) not the best pic. taken with hubby's Ipad. we also got a bag of macadamia nuts with them! There was some really great marbles at the show. Lee's legendary Marble brought some nice one of a kind marbles too. Including a nice bird cage! We got a REALLY nice marble from Sami too! need more of those Sami!! we had a really fun time with Brian and his lovely wife Meliea. And Galen was well behaved. (ROFL!) love ya galen! We also enjoyed meeting new people and new collectors too. all in all a fabulous time.


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Had great time and spent all my marble money early but this treasure was worth it. It sent my beliefs about AAs glass back to what it was and really confused me. It really does not matter. Out of Grandmas sock drawer so goes the story on this minty box. All but 2 are supposed to be original. My trip to Virginia to a fellow marble collectors farm the day after the show was also very successful. 8 point Virginia Whitetail


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