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Outside The Box,marble Box,,,

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Well,I was,and am still,the little kid that had to find out what was inside a golf ball.

Ive always been that way.That kind of creativity comes out all the time.Came in handy when I was sprinkling marbles too.

Most times,it comes from within,other times,someone will say something,and my light switch will get flipped.

Gotta be careful though.I was also the little kid that pulled the plug,part way out of the outlet,and dropped a penny across the prongs,just to see what happened!

Yes,I was smart enough(at 4) to drop the penny in,and not hold onto it.

I no longer own the case.It was a test,and a gift for a friend of mine,who's"number" is 11.

Baseball bats,pool balls,re-purposed cigar boxes,,,I even did a duck pin.

Tried a regular bowling pin,but the "newer" pins have a plastic,outer layer that pulls away from the wood,when cut.

It was just a regulation pool ball,I think it was close to 3 inch dia.

AND NOW i KNOW WHATS INSIDE A POOL BALL,,,,,,,marbles!---lol

Found a mini pool ball in a junk box at fleamarket(1&1/4 dia)

It might be the next sacrafice to the marble case gods!



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