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Mostly Pix - " Fakes ", Reproductions, Fantasy, Etc.


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This isn't for the marbles which newbies might mistake as old just from not knowing better, though helpful displays connected with that would be welcome.

Right now I'm mostly thinking about Bulgarians or those scenic chinas or that eagle bennington or the Calfornia sulphides or those green sulphides reproduced by . Also Alox fantasy bags down on the lower dollar end.

So those are some examples.

Well, while I went searching for one of the sulphide examples I had in mind, I found this thread, Reproduction Marbles: Sulphides & More?. Which probably backs up Ron's concern about just having one thread on it and not a dedicated section. This kind of thread gets forgotten.

Well, here's a new thread for samples. Hopefully the examples won't get buried in a bunch of discussion. Some discussion is okay. :) If there is a lot, I will probably break it off into a new thread, so we can hash things out and then post a summary here.

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Fantastic Post Steph, going through "all" the archival stuff today to see what I can find, man I gotta give credit where credits due, you've done a tremendous amount of research over the years, don't think for one second it goes unappreciated   :thup: 

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