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This is all Greek to me! :lol:

But that's good. Looks like billes is marbles in French.

Just looked that up, and I guess it works for beads as well.

We've already seen billetes in Vacor ads, although there've

been other words at times as well. Guessing that French-speaking

people have others as well.

I think words for 'marbles' are pretty limited in modern English.

Although the posts about 'traditional' marble-related language

have been interesting and a lot of fun!

I've always liked Vacors, although I understand why some people don't at times.

They've made quite a few nice ones, and I sometimes appreciate how they came

up with an entirely new affordable 'grading system term'.

In my words, the "Imperfect Wet Mint"! :)

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Love my Alley, but I think there is some room to squeeze in a random swirl here and there. I don't see there being any confusion over these and they seem to be a slight departure from the norm in Vacor. =}

Have to say, the last one there slightly reminds me of CAC.


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