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On 1/14/2022 at 7:20 PM, akroorka said:

 I am not a poem guy, never will be but I sure like gardening.
Fact is that I have had so many trees surrounding me decimated by the Emerald Ash borer that my garden will no doubt be the best in years. This is nature, love it or not, I prefer to just get along with it and adjust.
I am a tree lover first and a gardener second. I am sad about all of the great Ash trees that have died, too many to count. I had an eighty footer taken down this week, what a tree it was, a greater danger to the house however.
If you really like gardening, check out his link. The best seeds in large quantities that I have found.
This Chard will be the best greens that you have ever grown. Grow them, cut them, and grow them cut them, all from one planting, year round without bolting right up to frost and a little beyond. I had 20 Lbs blanched and frozen last year out of two 10 foot rows. I do not include the stalks---not for me.
Use them like you would spinach, or any other green.
There is nothing like dirt in the fingernails! (I do find marbles in the garden, I wonder who planted them)

I feel you on the loss of the trees, Art. I had to have my only Ash taken down last summer due to the EAB. I had planted both that hybrid Ash and a corrugated Oak when they were little 4 foot saplings. That was back in 2006 I believe. I remember the day I brought them home in the back seat of my Park Avenue! 😂 Yep, sad day when that tree came down, I own a 2 story home and she had eclipsed that in height. If I  ever lose my Oak in some unforeseen incident, at least I will have a memory, an acorn from its first year producing them 😊


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Hi William, the thing about gardening that is most important to me is the "Creation" of the beauty and goodness that comes from having a garden.

The world is full of destructive forces now and destructive beings, anything creative and good is to me a blessing.

I wish you great growing and harvest.....Joe McDonough

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Good stuff Joe.

There is nothing like planting a seed and watching it grow to become in many cases, a fruitful venture. At the end of my season, when I am cutting up my plants from the garden and putting them into the compost bed, I feel sad and thankfull at the same time.

I have planted many trees in my lifetime, and I continue to do so. My kids are in a very nice place visiting what they helped to grow and plant.


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Akroorka, I do not have space for trees. I only have space for what I have space for! Although I have 200 million years old trees to show the visitors to my garden I do not have trees of today.

Trees are amazing and wonderful but my purpose is to teach children about food, real food, not quickie mart stuff! therefore I grow real food for my neighbors.

They can watch it grow and learn how it grows and they can pick it fresh from the plant or vine and most importantly EAT IT!

Tasting such wonderful fruits and vegetables awakens their minds to amazing possibilities. What are they missing in the world, how can they experience more and better?

How can they grow these wonderful things themselves and share them with others. We need to teach and share and give to others.

In my poem entitled " What it is to be a poet" I write this line, " Pull the words from the deepest sanctums of you soul, And Give!"

Instead of taking all we can for ourselves, "GIVE".....Joe McDonough

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For my gardening friends, a hopeful sign appeared in the garden today.

We have been covered with 1/4 inch of ice and temperatures around 0-20 for many days.

This morning at least a dozen tulips broke ground, never this early that I can recall.

Perhaps we can have an early spring this Year.....Joe McDonough

              "To Myself"

We can ease the pain and sorrow

that comes with yesterday

by creating beauty in the garden

when tomorrow becomes today!

Joseph Patrick McDonough February 1, 2022

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On 2/12/2022 at 5:22 PM, poetsgarden said:

Thanks Tommy, my life is very simple, I walk with Jesus and live for Goodness and Kindness and Love.

I do not partake of todays world of greed and getting over on the next person.

I share what I can when I can.

Joe McDonough

"Amen Brother" in it but not of it.

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