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Sad News / Ron Shepherd


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On 4/30/2023 at 11:04 AM, Al Oregon said:

Ric - here were a couple pictures of you two that I had saved.  One was at the Sistersville Show in 2008 and the other at the Texas Show in 2009 where you two were helping me  ID about 500 WV swirls.

Ric & Ron Shepherd (Sistersville 10-08 Triker).jpg

Ron Shepherd-Ric Anthony-Al Rasmus (Texas Show Oct 2009 Edna).jpg

I met Ron at the 2008 show, plus a lot of others I wish I had spent more time with. Sold him an apparently rare box of Vitro No. 0 game marbles. He paid much more than I thought they were worth. He didn’t have the cash, told him to send me a check, a week later it was in my mail. That is top-tier integrity!


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Wow..  it's been a few weeks since I last checked in here and as I'm going thru the ID threads i was wondering why I hadn't seen any posts from him.. then I see "RIP Ron Shepherd" in a reply and it hit me, pretty hard. He will certainly be missed. I loved reading his lengthy, sometimes sharp but always informative posts. They were usually the highlights of whatever ID thread I happened to be reading. RIP Ron. 😢

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I heard the unfortunate news from Chad not too long ago regarding Ron's passing when I asked how everyone was and was just at a loss. He was almost always at the forefront of my education in the world of marble collecting when I jumped into it not too many years ago.

Always the first thing I thought of whenever I held a Swirl in hand was Ron. Thank You for sharing your Opinions, Knowledge, Fire, Humor, Patience, Wisdom, everything that was your World. You were and always will be the Gandalf of my Middle Earth. 

RIP My Friend ❤️

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