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1 year marbleversary


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Can you believe next week will be a year I joined the forum here?  What a whirlwind rabbit hole this has all been. I’ve learned so much and met so many nice people. I am still blown away by the kindness and generosity of marble collectors. I gained so many new friends in this hobby.  13 months ago I never knew the hobby of marble collecting existed. And I never in a million years imagined it would be as fascinating, addicting and intense as it is. 

In the past year I have crossed a lot off my wishlist but it seems which every new one I find, another one I want. 🤣 I thought by now I would have my favorites narrowed down, but I’m finding that impossible.  I am, however, pleased to inform you all after much internal struggle, I have managed to part with all my clearies and game pieces.  I think my SMD (stupid marble disease) is in remission - sort of.  Lol

Anyway, thank you all for everything.  Your patience, kindness, knowledge and generosity is a big reason I love this hobby so much  :)



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22 hours ago, Melissa said:

I think my SMD (stupid marble disease) is in remission

Think again my friend--we all suffer from this disease.
A good deal is always hard to pass on and many of us are involved with bad ones—me included.
Live and learn—always.
Happy anniversary!!

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When I first came here I pretty much spammed the forum with thousands of marbles to ID. I was soooooo interested in learning what each one was and understanding their traits. A year later I think I have a pretty good grasp on things thanks to all you teaching me. 

One thing that blows my mind is that even after a year of studying these glass orbs (and I studied hard mind you!!), I am still learning and seeing new marbles I’ve never seen before. It’s fascinating and I love it. 

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