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Yasuda scores!

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Once in a great while I run into tri-color or unusual transparent base glass (teal, lilac, lavender etc.). Don't recall ever seeing red/orange.  If production was tightened up on these and they didn't generally look so sloppy I think there would be a much greater interest in broad collectibilityIMG_20240707_123512537.thumb.jpg.c8f6e4032ca2eef50a9195c43995a5bd.jpgIMG_20240707_123529628.thumb.jpg.1bd7bcde49bfed5af06108db169934ba.jpgIMG_20240707_123536389.thumb.jpg.263ec2a37ff175bfdb7a969993786a42.jpgIMG_20240707_123545790.thumb.jpg.6400b066658e096951d778fb1e4833ff.jpgIMG_20240707_123557205.thumb.jpg.77370d093d5f15446ab14d3ad302bc6c.jpgIMG_20240707_123613734.thumb.jpg.c0af1c476bd4390844d6665a1361589f.jpg

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