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Mostly Pix - Champion Agates


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Mesh Bag, 25 Champion Agates:

(click to enlarge)

th_Champion_25_Marblealan_a.jpg th_Champion_25_Marblealan_b.jpg th_Champion_25_Marblealan_c.jpg


Note: There are other pix in the links here, Links: Original Packaging. [Actually there aren't any others as of the time of this writing, lol!, but there might be someday.]

And here is a great Champion page: David Chamberlain's article at Marble Mental.

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Here are eBay pix of Bicentennial Special Packs from a couple of different listings. I didn't get the seller names on either of these. (sorry) Both of these have lots of the white swirls. I'm pretty sure I've had some Bicentennial bags with almost none of them. If I remember correctly there could be wide variation between the contents. I can't recall exactly because I got my bags a long time ago and couldn't resist the temptation to open them. I'll try to keep my next bag sealed. :-)

Actually I got my first bag in 1976 when I was 12. The teeny tiny ones were fun.

If you look closely you can see some Vitros which look like all reds but without red. I mention this because it has been a bit of a puzzle to figure out where those came from if not from all-red bags.

Looks like some Heaton black cat's eyes too.




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Cool bag ... not exactly what it seems to be, but still cool:


Jeff Hale's explanation:

Modern 1980- early 1990's

These more modern marbles were stuffed in bags with old labels. Some of these bags have some excellently colored champs in them. Without knowing the colors of these more recent marbles in this 'stuffed' bag the label dearly tells the story; "60 marbles? You'll get anywhere from 25-30 in these stuffed bags. Don't let the 'stuffed bag' thing scare you because if you are lucky you'll get some pretty nice tri-colored marbles in these which are otherwise difficult to find.

Source: Marble Collector's Club

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Some dug Champs of mine, gift from Ron. The scan distorts some things, but I needed it for another thread, and so here it is for this one too. [Edit: Only the three closest to the left may be Champion. The others were found at or near the Champ site, but the Alley site is near the Champ site. Turns out they're likely Alley. So the remaining Champs are the two on the left in the middle row and the one on the left on the bottom row.]


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I don't know.

If Josh didn't recognize it as Jabo then that would seem to rule Jabo out. So I'm trying to stay neutral.

Fact is, I'm surprised by a .76" Champ, and I don't see your green in the group shot and I'm not sure about the match between the red shades. But .... trying to stay open-minded.

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Looking for photos of the metallics I used to have. Found this marble posted by Backacres, said to be dug at Champion. But I know that "dug at Champion" could mean Alley. So, should I move it to the Alley thread or is it good here?


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