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1 hour ago, Steph said:

I don't know when that bag is from.    It doesn't look like the oldest Marble King style ... but which decade?  

I'm too sleepy to remember if I should even know.  I shouldn't be checking my computer this late!  'nite. 


Older Marble King design: 



My guess is 60's and newer than the 20 count bag posted a couple of posts up but it's a guess! I can't find a source giving dates for the different headers.

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While I'm in the neighborhood ... thought I already posted these here.  Oh yes, I posted them in the "post a marble with a name" thread.  

Black widows on the right, Robin and Blue Boys on the left.  Copperheads are the ones which won me over  in the bottom picture.   But does the red and white and yellow one next to the Black Widows have a name?





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53 minutes ago, Steph said:


So now I wonder long they used the seamed bag.  They don't still, do they?

Might be old stock they were using up. These look 70's marbles and Champion and Vitro were certainly using seamless stock then.

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Yeah, that's one of the directions my thoughts were taking me.

The other was to wonder how late into last century kids were able to get marble premiums ... coz it's cool to see it maybe lasted at least into the 70's.  

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