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happy friday all. for those in the Great Northwest, the IAMC get-together is tomorrow. come if you can!

I was looking at some of my file pictures and thought I'd throw one on... so lets see your fav corks!!


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I missed Friday... :blink:

I picked this up in a glass rolling pin at the Northeast show auction, for 25 bucks!! It's condition isn't the best, but it's cool!! Opaque red & yellow snake!! There is just the hint of a thread of white in spots... So, I'm thinkin' this was in a Popeye run that ran out of white... How about an Indian blanket on an invisible horse??




Some other cool stuff in the pin.... Bottom right-of-center is a metalic stripe on a yellow patch peewee. One of the light green peewee patches has a hairline of metalic... The dark green patch has a few huge chunks of aventurine, but they're so big they don't sparkle very well unless you get 'em in the right light. The green cat next to the yellow metalic on the left, is loaded with aventurine and the blue slag (??) on the other side has a distinct swirly 9 pattern with just a hint of white right in the glass. It's very dark and what should have been the white swirl is just a ghost of white through the marble. It really looks like it should have a pontil on the other side, but it doesn't....



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