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Are Akro Leopards Always Dug?


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Darla, as you may have already seen by now, these are examples of Leopards:


Posted by Ronnie here, Can Anyone Id This Akro Agate Marble. His were dug.

In that thread, Dani explains that was actually her husband who named them ... 20 years ago.

In post #3 there Derrick linked to an old thread of Lizzy's where she had posted another dug example. That thread is gone, but here are the thumbnails she posted. Her base looked pretty light in those pix. Yours is a medium to light greenish. Bottle green might be a good term for it.


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So a few folks call it a "leopard" and EVERYONE else calls them patches

Gee I think i'll RENAME them "Yellow dugger's".

ok bo. hubby wants to know who's EVERYONE he wants names. he said he called them that years ago because they have spots. If EVERYONE thinks thats a bad name he won't call them that anymore. But EVERYONE knows a leopard doesn't change it's spots/

BUT, until recently I had never heard of a 'parrotlet' or a 'superteen' among others, but I dont see any contraversy over that. NOW lets look at the peltier names??? (lets not even start there ok?)

yep there's company names for marbles and there's collectors names for marbles.

and as far as Akro calling them leopards, no they never did. and personally Bo, I love ya like a brother.

is there an 'official' list of approved marble names? whos in charge of that? LOL

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My point exactly Dani.

What the crap is a "parrotlet" & "Superteen" LOL!!!

I want to know who comes up with these names !!!

If its in a book, I will accept it.

If you hear it from a few different sources, it generally becomes tagged to that color combo


Since there is no list, anyone can name them whatever they want and those of us who dont keep up are lost.

(nothing new for me on that, been lost a long time, obviously I still am) :rol:

The names for some of the newer jabo's for instance.

I dont collect new machine made marbles so I will NEVER recognize them. LOL!!!!!

ok Steph, here's something else for you to keep tabs on.

New or obscure names.... WITH PICTURES!!

Galen wtf is NHA ? Do I want to know ? hahaha

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I vote that we appoint Steph as the President of the NTM (Name That Marble) Association with Bo as the Vice President responsible for screening all names and pictures to assure they meet the high standards already established within the hobby and Zaboo as the reviewer of all proposed names to assure no duplications.

With this structure in place we can be assured that the hobby will re-frame from any more silly names that appear to have flooded the hobby over the past several years, lol.


BTW I am appointing my-self as the designated smart @$$ of the hobby incharge of reading and adding worthless responses to any post associated with marble names, lol.

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Sorry Bill, I decline ANY appointment to anything, especially a marble board. LOL!!!

I am WAY too old to care and yes, I am VERY prejudiced in more ways that I care to remember.


Thanks, but no thanks.

Now, whats this about a resident smart As** ?

THAT I can handle ! :rol:


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If its in a book, I will accept it.

Oh Crap, Bo... Don't fall for THAT one!!!

That's where all my generation lost their cred to a new bunch, who thought they knew it all and still profess to, cuz they conned people into believing they were experts and got someone to publish it!!!

Now, those of us who "Used" to know stuff, don't know "$hit" and there's print to PROVE it!!! :icon_lmao:

What's an End-of-Day???

How many colors have to be in a Joseph's Coat??

Can a cloud have 2 pontils??

After about 30 years of "Thinking" I knew what I was doing, I learned (from a guy no one knew "Who the hell is that?? Stan's kid??") all I knew was wrong..... Yep, I read it in his book!!!


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They look to me like patches from a beginning or end of run that are missing a second major color component. Personally I wouldn't give them a seperate name as if they were a discrete production item....they appear to have been discarded because one glass color pot wasn't flowing.

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