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The Eagles Have Landed!


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Hi All,

The latest (and last??) private Jabo run, "Eagles", was held this past Tuesday (Veteran's Day 11/11/08). Lots of exciting news to tell about. Mainly, this run was filmed for an upcoming episode of "Dirty Jobs" for Discovery Channel. The film crew arrived about 9 a.m. and shot until well after dark. Mike Rowe, the show's handsome host, got to get down and dirty and make a batch of marbles that are now named "Mike Rowes". The show will air late January or February - we'll be sure to let you know.

This run was the private run of Hansel de Sousa - with Steve (Smitty) Smith at the helm, along with Dave McCullough. So now we know that in addition to being a heck of a nice guy, Smitty can make some pretty great marbles!

The next day (sorting day) another piece of interesting information came to light. Dave put the "For Sale" sign on the building as we were getting ready to leave. (see pics). The end of another part of marble making history.

Hope you enjoy the photos of this run. It was a couple of long, dirty and hard working days - but the outcome is spectacular! Individual photos of the "Mike Rowes", "Tequila Sunrise", "Witchy Woman", "Take It To The Limit", "Desperado" marbles to come in a couple of days.

For further info or to purchase your own Eagle contact: Jo Nutter at [email protected] or Steve Smith at [email protected]

Steve adding aventurine and striping colors to the crucible


Hansel getting in on the action


colors going in


the molten glass stream which is sheared off and then alternatively directed to the two rollers


More photos in next posts....

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Man unreal marbs thanx for posting the pics all... i met mike rowe in ah airport wonce hes a real nice guy ........its ah dam shame that jabo is closeing its doors thanx to everyone who had a hand in makeing the last runs ...........im just hopeing whoever buys it still makes marbs :mellow:


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Hi guys,

Thanks for all of your nice comments. I really appreciate it.

Al, I know Hansel would rather play marbles than doctor...but I think the marble thing doesn't pay as well!

And it's safe to watch the show when it airs...the crew was there to film the marbles being made - and Dave got to be the star of that part. The rest of us were told to stay out of the way!

Here are some more photos - these are going on eBay tonight. If anyone is interested in purchasing any Eagles, please let me know. I'd rather sell them privately and not have to take the hit from the eBay fees. I'm offering very reasonable pricing and great discounts for anyone purchasing multiples.

OK...scratch the "here are photos"...can't upload because they are too big. Help!

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