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  1. What's it Called?

    I call these called General Grant boards; also known as solitare boards. I'm told the lines/painted portion has to do with a specific type of game played on the board. These were made in the 1800-1900's. Heard the name General Grant may have been used bec Civil War soldiers used these boards.
  2. Darn....we will be on vacation/out of the country. We live close enough to go and man handle all the marbles prior to sale time..FUN!
  3. I saw that cane/marbles in hand at Morphy.....it was great!
  4. After Dinner Mint Anyone?

    These look foreign to me as well Steph
  5. Trivia Question !

    Cool Ray...nice to be a part of something like that
  6. Big Decorated China Marble

    Looks like a decal to me
  7. Bobbers & Kibs Game

    What a great find Eggie...the colors are great and everything looks in such good condition! Congrats to you...
  8. What Are You Watching Now?

    Love Criminal Minds....Joe Mantegna. Need I say more?
  9. Autumn In Amsterdam

    Been there..LOVE it. One of the best places we have ever visited. The people were amazingly kind and there was so much to do..or not to do. Just sitting outside, having a bite and people watching...
  10. Show Us Your Asian Patches

    I have held on to these for quite some time...I just love the colors! The middle one has a bit of metallic in it...Imperials, but just too cute to cut loose!
  11. Hello From Nj

    Welcome! Check out some books on marble id or try web sites such as Alan's Marble Connection. When you begin to learn makers and can id marbles, you then learn their values. Not sure where you are located but a marble show is invaluable!
  12. Bagatelle / Tabletop Pinball

    I like that..good graphics and colors. Nice....
  13. Mississippi Boy

    Hi...and welcome. Lots of nice folks and great marble info here..
  14. Help With Id

    These can also commonly be called Japanese pincers or wales marbles