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A Little How To Photo Help

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I have just spent well over an hour looking at your photos. All I can say is Wow!!! How do you get

the birds to stay in one place long enough to get some of your spectacular photos!!! You must spend

hours and hours outdoors!!! I am a amateur nature photographer wannabe. My stuff is not 1/10th as good as yours!!! I'd love to hear some stories about your photographic adventures!!!!

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Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed them. Yes, hours and hours upon hours. lol There is always a bit of luck as to what you might find or what might happen right infront of you. If you are not out there, you can assume great things are happening somewhere and you are missing them. lol That said, when you are out there you have to know how to capitalize on what you do see. One, learn your target. The habits, what and where it eats, sleeps, sounds like in different situations and it's reactions to different stimuli.

It changes for all species and will help you know where to look. With the Snowy Owls for instance. I shoot them when they are moving thru for the winter. They prefer areas by water that is open, not overgrown, and has logs for them to sit upon and watch. They will see you well before you see them. So how do you get close? These birds are used to hunting and feeding around grazing animals up north. Why does that matter? Well, those logs that they sit on also protect them from predators. Predators will come over the logs toward them and they are gone because the logs slow the predator enough. Back to those grazing animals, they don't go over the logs but graze around them and never pay attention to the owl, walking back and forth past them. The Owl does not feel threatened. So to get close, I have bent over and slowly made my way at several 45degree angles back and forth past the Owl paying very little attention to him/her getting slightly closer every pass. I have even stopped for a second to rip grass out of the ground and then drop it little by little as I go. I am now an Elk or sheep. I have gotten within 30 yrds of Snowy owls. Most birds do not require so much, but you get the idea.

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