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Can A Crack Be Fixed?


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I have a few nice mibs that unfortunately have cracks in them. they are not craters or sparkles, rather one line cracks or fractures internal in them. Just wondering if there was any way to fix them. They are nothing expensive or extra ordinary for moneys sake. Maybe it's that thing in me that always wants to rescue something, someone, a stray dog or cat, and maybe a cracked marble or too. Lol, maybe Im the one that's cracked! There may be some posts on here already about this and I did dig through some, just some though. I hope you are all doing ok this Christmas Season. I pray blessings and peace in each of your homes. May He bless you and yours exceedingly and abundantly. God Bless!

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You cannot truly heal a fracture. You CAN treat it to make it visually less obvious - but don't mistake that for returning it to its original strength. The treatment (IIRC it is a form of optically clear epoxy) costs enough that it isn't worthwhile on a $20 marble.

Do not temperature shock (either direction) a marble with a partial fracture or annealing plane. It can pop in an instant.

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