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Happy Birthday Carl


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Thank You Stephanie, Al, Edna, Sue and Carole and gang... I prayed today.. I prayed G-d would grant me to be closer to him... I prayed I would actually read all the books I have about Church History and the Church Fathers.. I have a good library of books and just plum need to sit down and read read read....

When I look at the vast Library of books I have aquired I gasp and think to myself, " how will I read them all before Jesus returns" they are just that many... The answer resoundingly replied was "One at a time my Son" to which I said Todah Rabbah (thank you very Much)..

I guess I just want to be smart hehe.. I thank G-d for such great friends on this board.. You've never forgot me and you remembered my B-day.. I AM a blessed man to have such good people surrounding my life as you guys and many others..



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Happy Birthday Carl!

May the Lord bless each and every day. May you stay as earnest in His ways as you are today.

Remember, He doesn't give us more than we can handle, it's just how we handle it. Take each book, one at a time, and just do your best because it's all you can do.

He knows our hearts.

:-) Felicia

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