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Wound Up ?


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Thanks for your reply,MC.My reason for putting my work pictures on stems from a thread written on another board.It was very sad that a board owner / moderator there had lost the closness to the members and regretted not knowing them better.I am doing this in an attempt to get to know some of you better.Maybe if you see some of my work it might give you a glimpse of who I am. I tried the lurking thing for awhile but I too would like to know the members better and since I don't go to marble shows anymore and don't plan to in the future my best chance to get to know you is on this board making myself real/vulnerable,that's what artists do.Say what you like or don't like about my work,I am secure in what I am and do.My art is neither good nor bad,it is what it is.You guys are more stand offish than I thought you would be.Just trying to have a conversation.Bo

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It's funny how this peice came to me,I was rolling an order of rings , I was throwing them in a pile.They layed in just such a way that I saw the shoulders of a man .It was totally spontaneous,and fun.Thanks Mark and Alan,Bo

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Hello Mary,Thanks for your response.I have done some wood projects but my hands are better suited to steel.I like to draw too,Judy and I took a drawing class last summer.I loved it so much,it was the high light of my week.I want to do water color or acrylic next.I would like to see some of your drawings or wood art,I'm sure they are excellent.Thanks Bo

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Hello everyone,yes there is alot of talent here,that may the thing that binds us all together.Mary your drawing is beautiful,don't know how I missed it last nite,I was chasing my two year old grandaugter all over the house(baby sitting)and back and forth to the computer.I would love to be that good at drawing with pen and ink,I tried recently and had no sucsess.Looks like Judy and I will start a pastel class Mon.Turns out I can't afford water color or acrylic class.For many years I drew shop drawings and alot of feild measuring with drawings.It was in 2004 that I first started drawing something other than catwalks,hoppers,conveyors,conical transitions etc.When I did start drawing it was so much fun I would spend an entire day at it. I learned it is much easier to draw a bridge than actually build one.Thanks Steve for the compliment,and since many are seeing birds ,here is a pair of sparrows I made for Judy a few Christmas's back.Bo


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That's really cool, Bo!!! At first, I thought it was just an abstract pile of wire... Then, I saw what you saw... The guy, leaned over, hugging his knees...

I agree with Steve... The "hair" does give it a Native American feel...

Mary... Damn!! That's great!!! :Happy_143:

While in high school, I took a "General Metals" class... The instructor had been the usual "shop" teacher and I was the first girl to take the course... To my GREAT luck, the teacher went on sabbatical that year and was replaced by a retired welder, who took the class away from making tin cookie sheets and perforated tin lanterns, into a very good understanding of gas and electric welding. He loved that I was using his instruction for art and we became very good friends...

I started out college as a metal arts major... At the time, the "Hippy Silver Jewelry" faze was happening and I was into welding, brazing and making bigger copper & brass type stuff.... So, I never really "fit in" to what was going on... (I had to teach the teachers how to use the oxy-acetylene rig they had stashed behind the door....)

After that, I had no place to keep such things... When I got married, my husband had a rig... But, with kids and all... I never had much chance to get back into it....

Now that my kids are older, I can really feel myself sliding back towards working with metal and clay (my second... if not first love) I've had a potters wheel for about 35 years and haven't used it for the last 30.... But, I KNOW I will.... I want to set it up under an awning on the deck during the summer....

This year, we got the awning up, but ended up using it for working on the house... Maybe next year??

I'd like to try building a kiln...

This stuff is all from high school...

½" steel stock, cut with a cutting torch... The first time I set the cuffs of my pants on fire, I freaked....

By the tenth or twelft time, I just finished what I was doing and stamped it out again....


Back in the day when big brass belt buckles were cool (1971-72?) I made this for my best friend.. We've just re-connected after 28 years!!! It was cool to see it again!!! (Yeah, we're both Libras!!)

Copper wire, laid on copper sheet, then covered with a layer of brazed brass rod...


Just for fun................


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Wow, lots was added while I was typing!!!

Yeah Bo, I never had much luck with 2 demensional work either... In school, I was able to find some abstract stuff that was fun... I do have a "style" of drawing that's kinda cool... But, it's not what I'd LIKE to be able to do.

I'd LIKE to be able to do what Mary does!!! But, I guess I just have to accept what I can do and appreciate it for what it is.... LOL

The birds are AWESOME!!!!

Hey.... Someone mentioned Gary's marble board in the other thread... Yes!! Check it out!! It's cool!!

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Wow Sue!!! We've made the metal art marble connection !!! LOL...I had to work today and Judy was plasma cutting sculpture ,While I was working.I've been looking for a brazing project for her to do .That great looking belt buckle might be just the ticket.I have some copper sheet,I been making boxes out of.Sue,Your metal art is outstanding .Thanks everyone for yor pictures and stories.Here is another peice I did ,I call it "Mother" Style Neo-Paleolithic measures 4'-0 x 10-0'.Sue was this the guy you saw? he was my model.He's the resident shop gargoyle,keeps an eye on thing when 'm not around.Bo



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