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Happy Birthday To Dirty Dawg # 1


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we sent gifts..... hehehe, a pizza box LOL!!!


Sue made sure he had his own personalized bag


so what do you think was in the pizza box?

We spent hours and hours, days upon days searching high and low for the perfect gits for that ol dirty dawg and you know, we just never did find any.

So, we sent him these....


everything from a hand carved wooden one to prepackaged with holes in them (making them easier to keep together) to STEEL ones, even computer mouse marbles. and an eyeball to watch over the whole group LOL!!!!!

a HUGE Yellow slag. WELL over 2 inches. MINT and bounces about 4 to 5 feet high if you throw it hard enough. hahahaha

yeah, we were a little tacky. Then again, we aren't called dawgs for nothin. LOL!!!!!


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Leroy, I posted yesterday but it didn't post. That happens to me some. I had noticed the name of the post and ignored it because i don't know anybody named dirty dog. Curiosity got the best of me yesterday afternoon when Bo's post with the pics was the last one. I learned that i do know dirty dog. Checked back later and my post wasn't there. Hope you had a great birthday! Edna

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Well, what can I say except thanks to a bunch of great people. The special gifts sent by the "dirty Dawg" group now have a special place in my collection. I was very surprised when that box arrived. I had a 50% chance of opening it from the top (wasn't marked top or bottom) and as I've never been very lucky with the "chance games" I opened it upside down. Wow! What fun chasing all those small items down let alone trying to get all the "peanuts" picked up and disposed of (they really stick to your fingers). LOL At any rate I love you guys and again thanks and for the birthday greetings from friends on the board,it really made my day special.----Leroy--Dirty Dawg #1----

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