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Whats With This Talk About Ebay?


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of course i havent sold on ebay for several years but here recently i hear a lot of complaints about ebay and paypal. i've been thinking of starting again and would appreciate it very much if y'all could fill me in on all your complaints to see if i really want to......


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i had it all typed and pushed the wrong button. lol

since i havent sold anything on ebay for a couple of years i would like to hear all your complaints with ebay and paypal to see if i really want to.


lets see if i can get it right this time. lol

figures, now i got it twice. lol i aint gonna do anything else.

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As bidder / buyer I can say that Ebay forcing us to pay by paypal or other systmes they selected is where I draw the line. :angry: I have seen a lot of mibs I would like to bid on but do not because the sellers payment method is "Paypal Only" :fighting-547: I think sellers loose a lot of bids due to it. I do however email sellers that have a good mib I want to ses if they would take my favorite payment method - USPS Money order. Some do and some don't, the dont's loose my business. The easiest way to do business with folks and make money should be the main issue, but if paypal is required so be it, a lost sale!


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pay pal and ebay is okay with me...the monies are right there and my paypal debit card is really convient to me...most of my off-ebay sells go thru paypal and the fees dont seam out of line....unless you get a echeck which really sucks but its there just takes awhile to clear....of course most of my ebay sells i start out cheap and its only less than a buck to list...and alot of people see it...everything i list haint gonna go real high prob usually under 100$ so if they want a few bucks to offer that service i dont see a problem...it wont be long that show tables will be 50$ and plus youve got your room fees and other expenses...i can see where folks like marblealan wouldnt like it cause he dont own that stuff and his profit is hurt...but my stuff has usually got mega profits....im in it for fun and a hobby so as long as im not losin im feelin ok with the system....

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As a seller on ebay, I could type all day about the ridiculous rulings they have (Not even touching on the fees and forced Paypal stuff) They try too hard to keep too tight a leash on too many things, without committing to pay the manpower to enforce these rules effectively.....

Case in Point... I have a Lenox China Ornament on at the moment... It is from a collection called "Lenox Pierced Ivory Ornament Collection." If someone searches for one of these ornaments, it only makes sense that they will search the collection title, yes???

WELLLL, I can't list it by that title, because Ivory is a controlled substance and dispite the fact that this is made of china, not ivory, the listing mechanism kicks it out and won't let me list it... So, I changed it to Ivori.... Needless to say, it hasn't got much attention (It's not so hot that it would anyway... But, I was hoping!!)

The kicker is... There are over 66,000 auctions currently on ebay with Ivory in the title!!

Many of them include items that may be considered illegal... However, by changing the title to include the word faux? with the question mark, bone?, or antique, it allows the auctions to reach the people who know, by sight, what they are buying.... Go Figure...

OK... Another... I just got a negative from a woman who has given out 7 negative feedbacks in the last 2 months... She wants a return and says she will reverse the negative if I take the return... She is very tough and just may be able to do it!! However... As the feedback rules are written, she shouldn't be able to remove it...

Her leaving me a negative without previously contacting me (I'd have taken the return anyway...) is not following ebay's "advice" to buyers... I cannot leave a negative to a buyer for not following "advice.".... I considered leaving a positive, but stating my feelings about this situation... Only to find that if I leave a negative comment in a positive feedback, ebay WILL remove it.... BUT, so far, they will not remove my negative that my buyer SWEARS she WILL get removed (Gotta love her attitude!!)

If we can't leave a buyer anything but positive feedback, how tough would it be for ebay to set up a glitch that forces the buyer to contact a seller BEFORE they leave the negative?? But, no.... It's all about not inconveniencing the buyer and the seller can go fry.

And, it goes on and on..... :fighting-109:

However, we are locked into it, as it is still the best selling resource out there... <_<

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I sold some marbles on the Bay. The lady paid via Paypal. She left me positive feedback. Several weeks after that she opened a dispute with paypal. Said someone else had used her account. Paypal took the money out of my account until I proved she bought & received the item. I had shipped it via paypal & USPS. I had the needed paper trail for proof. It took almost 2 months to get my money back. Fun...Fun...Fun... In E-bay's eyes the buyer is always right!!!

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Quote from marblealan's auctions:

Please note that over the coming months I will be listing fewer marbles, but those I list will be of an overall higher quality. This is due not only to health issues, but because I am growing steadily more and more frustrated with eBay's treatment of its sellers and also because it has come to the point where they are taking more than half of my overall profit, and that type of greed is simply ridiculous.

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I want Sir Richard Branson to start "Virgin Auctions!!!"

Not only is he the coolest man on the planet, but he knows how to "Keep it Real" in business...

The saddest part is, he's probably a wise enough businessman to know better than

to "Go There!!" <_<

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You gotta figure Ebay is making millions in profits for servicing these online sales....

but they are gonna get so big and so greedy that another company is eventually gonna make a splash and begin online sales that take off...but for now its all we got...

I have tried several other online sales venues and they have all failed miserably...except for running my own website which took a TON of time to keep up with.

Ebay fees and restrictions have become rather over the top - I certainly will not list with them. Fee to list, fee to post extra photos, fee to do extra days, fees to highlight and advertise etc, then the chink they take out once the item sells...sell a marble for $9.99 and pay $5 in fees and crap...ridiculous. :confused-smileys-327:

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I emailed ebay a year ago and asked them the legallity of saying i can only accept payment thru paypal, which they own. funny they never responded? LOL. although my ads say paypal only, anyone that has asked will find I will take checks, M.O's and banking bill pay. oh yeah and cash is always good.

I hear your frustration Sue... heck go back to disputes and bad ebayers from a year ago in this forum... you can see what kinda crap I had to put up with too. I chalk it up to, there's jerks out there everywhere, and sometimes you just have to 'deal' with them. yeah Ebay doesn't care. they make all their money off the sellers, and let the buyers rule the site. their idol must be ebenezer scrooge.

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BUT, so far, they will not remove my negative that my buyer SWEARS she WILL get removed (Gotta love her attitude!!)

She said she'd do it and she DID!!!!

I never in the WORLD would have thought I'd respond with a positive feedback for this buyer...

But, by keeping cool and co-operating with her, while, at the same time, being a little firm about her following that ebay advice for the good of all involved... We both learned a lot and parted with a cyber "Handshake..."

The ebay system is such a friggin' MAZE, I can't say that I covered the whole thing... But, I did what I felt was sufficient searching on the subject of feeback reversal and sent her these links....

Feeback Withdrawl and Removal

This gives the guidelines for removal and our situation didn't fit any of these...

and How Feedback Works

With this quote highlighted....

Should I leave neutral or negative Feedback for a seller?

Feedback comments become a permanent part of a sellers record. If you are a buyer, contact your seller to try to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative Feedback. Please make sure that your comments are fair, based in fact, and relate to the specific transaction for which you received the Feedback request

Have I always been incorrect about the meaning of "Permanent?"

Or, am I just foolish enough to take it for it's full meaning???

Kinda reminds me of the meaning of the word "Mint" in the description of a marble!!! LOL <_<

At any rate, she contacted ebay and Low and behold!!! REMOVAL is the wrong word!! She must ask for a REVISION.... Ahhhh..... One might think they would include that in those previous links!!! The feedback is permanent, but it CAN be revised!!! Hellooooooo!!!

I can't say that I wouldn't have been able to find that revision info before she asked... But, it sure was SIMPLE to find it after. So simple, I just can't believe that it was there all the time...

But... Maybe I'm wrong...

So, my neg was revised to a positive. She apologized and I thanked her for a learning experience!! (Even if it did come at a very busy time, when I didn't especially need additional tutalage!!)

Just when you think you know what your doing, they change all the rules.....

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I had no idea ebay was pulling all this schnit... There has to be something we can do... I haven't sold anything in the last 2 years... Probably purchased $10,000 or better in auctions... What can I do to help breaking down the empire??? I am truely at a loss here...

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That was just an answer for post #13. For now I use it and do not find it unfair. Compared to any major auction house ebay still seems like a deal. What did folks do before Ebay? No one has to use them. It would be nice if there was an alternative but I know of none that compare.

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well i guess i'll chime in and vent a little!! i buy and sell on ebay. as a buyer, it's a very friendly environment. it's convenient and i've come up with some pretty incredible deals. as a buyer paypal is great, it's fast, secure, and really sucks up to buyers in disputes.

as a seller ebay and paypal SUCK!! i don't really deal with the high end stuff, very rarely will i have an auction even go over $15. so if i start and sell a marble for $5 i pay around 25% in ebay and paypal fees. This is not counting the $10/month i pay for auctiva so i don't have to pay the extra picture or scheduling fees on ebay. and if you are on the seller end of a paypal dispute you are screwed!!

all my auctions clearly state that payment should be made in 5 days....plenty of time in my opinion (and i'm very lenient), but it seems like i spend 1/2 my time chasing down payments 1-2 weeks later....and there is no recourse! i can't leave feedback stating the facts because a "negative" comment can't be left under a positive feedback, OR i'm afraid the slacker will leave a negative feedback in retaliation....it's very frustrating.

and this stupid star rating system is just asinine!!! even though 4 stars means accurate, quickly, satisfied, etc, if you consistently receive 4 stars you are PENALIZED! HUH?? :confused-smileys-327:

sadly, right now there is just no way to beat the customer exposure on ebay....it's pretty rare that one of my auctions will not sell and even more rare that it's still around after a relist...

(and just so everyone knows, i gladly accept traditional payment types other than paypal)

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This is not counting the $10/month i pay for auctiva so i don't have to pay the extra picture or scheduling fees on ebay.

There is a free alternative to paying ebay for pictures!!

Use Photobucket and list the photos in you description...

Once the pictures are in the "bucket" run your cursor over the photo and a window drops down.

Click on "Direct Link" and it is automatically copied as an http / jpg type address... Surround it with.... (replacing the stars with the address)

<img src=**************>

and add it to your discription, using the HTML format tab and "POOF" you get a free picture!!

This info used to be buried in the catacombs of ebay's plethora of tutorials...

Now that they sell photo space, I wonder if it still is!!

15¢ for a picture sounds like a deal... But, if I list 15 auctions a week, with an average of 4 pictures each... I do use one of theirs for free, but I copy it myself, just in case ebay's system has a glitch.... I save $9.00 a week.... $36.00 a month... And, if I ever had the stamina to make it 52 solid weeks, $468.00 a year!!!

15¢ adds up quick!!

Does Auctiva cover the 40¢ charge for a 10 day auction?? If so, that could be a deal....

Galen, that's just it... There is no better option. And for the moment, they know it...

It would take a massive marketing splash to get enough people to switch away from ebay to another venue... BING?? Hmmm... It would have to be a place that the vast majority of people would already be very familiar with...

Craig's List may be the closest contender... After almost 15 years in existance and 10 years as a national / Global network, it's ALMOST gotten to be a fraction of the household word ebay has become...

How do we know it may be ebay's closest threat??? Ebay already holds 25% of the holdings and is represented by one of three board members... ;)

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As an ebay seller, my complaint is that they ruined the search feature and tied everything to their categories. Views on my listings went down by 90% overnight when they made the search changes. I sold $3200+ in July of '08 then it went down to $400 in August and I had a huge store so the fees for August came to $200+. I've kept selling there but haven't gone over $700 in a month since July of '08.

That's my problem with ebay, the messed up search feature. It even keeps me from finding what I'd like to buy there since I have to go through every imaginable category and sub-category looking for what I want. I buy stuff there, and sell a little bit here and there, but it's harder to make a profit.

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