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Thinking Outside Of The Box,,,,,,,,,,,

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I just complete a group of 39 cases,made from cherry,red oak,white ouk,and some black walnut.There were ONLY,1,716,holes,not counting the 12 holes per case,for the hardware.That produced,5,five gallon buckets of mulch,for the flower beds---LOL

The bat was a little tough to split down the middle.Come to think of it,the layout was a pain,locating hole was tricky,and drilling,out right sucked!

Yes,there is a bowling pin,in process.Inside of the pin,there are 2 cylidrical cavities,about an 1&1/2 dia.Gonna come up with the solution,as I go."already have a plan.

Oh yeah,theres a list of "outside the box",marble cases,out in the shop.

I have a couple of book end,that were made in Gyuana,that are in the disassembly state.Strange,redish colored wood,alternating with a lighter wood.Almost has a mahogany look to it.

Hey Duffy,If you want to split the room cost,I have reservation for thursday,and friday at Canton.

I could have picked you up,on the way thru,but this next snow storm changed my TRAVEL plans.

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Im not going to start sacraficing any fishing equipment!


But, I think there are some really old wooden salt water ones that run 8" or so, maybe 1½ - 2" thick...

Lots of 'em are big bucks... But... If you can find some that are beat to hell, clean 'em up, repaint 'em??? Hmmmmmmmm.... Think of the "security advantages!!!" ROFLMAO!!!

get ya one of them duck decoys...that would quack me up...

Steve.......... That was bad..... LOL ;)

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Didnt do it.The bat case is in my truck.

I kind of liked its negotiating power that it carries!!!!--"Just what do you mean,you wouldnt take $5 for that Guinea?"--LOL

I think Ill hold onto the prototype.

I realy didnt want to make "one",happy,while ticking off 15.

All the nice comments about the bat were GREATLY appeciated.----It seems like it should be my next project,out back in the shop.

Maybe limit the number made,and sign,date and # them?

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