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Big Ol Akro

Speed Racer

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That's okay Speed Racer. We need more brag threads so don't be modest. ;)

I think I see the ox too. The mib is from the era of oxen tricolors so that's not surprising.

If it's only a stray strand maybe it is a byproduct of the red colorant or maybe it's leftover from a different run. [edit: but the more I look the more it does seems as if there might be more in/over/under the red ribbon. Some nice rich color in there.]

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Hey Roger!!! Nice to see the blue bird around!!! LOL

I was really skeptical about the ox.... But yeah, when I opened that third picture, it sure looks like it's there!!

It also looks as if you could scrape / chip off some of that red and find an ox stripe underneath...

Ya might not wanna do that, though!!! ROFLMAO ;)

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That's okay Speed Racer.

Hey Steph, do you think Lou would mind much if I changed my user name to Speed Racer? (just askin') Pretty please?

Sue, thanks, it's been an interesting past six months, but I'll try to check in more now that things are starting to settle a little. Miss you guys!

One more question about the Akro, if I may. Since it is oxen, is the yellow considered egg yolk? :confused-smileys-327: I'm reachin' here, ain't I? lol

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I'm mostly afraid to anything eggyolk. :character-smileys-238:

I think the oxblood tricolors are from a later era than the mibs which usually get tagged as eggyolk. whichever ones those are. :character-smileys-238::character-smileys-238:


p.s., I sent Lou a note about your username. :-)

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