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Buy It Now 300 Thousand Dallors

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The insertion is capped at $2.00 for auctions starting at $200.00 and up....

I can't enlarge the pictures in the auction... My computer has been a little funky lately. Can anyone else enlarge them?? The pictures are just too small to get a good clear look at them.

It sure would be interesting if these were somehow authenticated as Native American...

Has anyone else seen any that were?? David, it seems like you or Bert would be the "Go To" guys for that kind of info.... Possibly, Alan... Though I've never heard him mention any "confirmed" in his past digging experience.

Confirmed or not.... We need to lose a few zeros to that opening bid!!! LOL

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I know these marbles. They were made by a caveman that lived in the area now known as Atlanta, Georgia. He hand crafted them from precious dinosaur bone. They were discovered by Civil War soldiers while digging defensive trenches as Sherman marched in.

Very rare.

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Bert would be the man but I wouldn't bother him over these. They really appear to be undistinguished crap. Sorry, but even if they did have Native Indian heritage I sure couldn't credit them @ $300,000. Of course, can you imagine what this would do to the price structure for marbles amongst the general public.....Yikes! David

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