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Off Topic...ck Out This Pic


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Old photos are cool. They never smiled or said "cheese".....

Love the photo Duffy! I have a neat collection of old photographs. I'm not sure how trues this is but I was once told when I questioned why people rarely smiled "back then" is because they had to stand still for long periods of time so that the photographic equipment would work. Like I said I'm not sure how true that is but it works for me:)


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Hi Duffy,

The 'Stars' are called Spiderwebs I think and the rectangular work is basically freehand. Maybe later I'll take a look in one of my quilt compendiums and get a clearer idea. I think you can get a decent price for the photograph but I've no idea what the quilt people are ringing in at for something like this. Now, if she was smiling.....David

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I would expect that she's standing in front of the quilt because she made it...

I do a LOT of hand sewing work... And, I think, if I had made that by hand, I'd probably have the same expression!!!

Like Galen says.... "She IS smiling!!!!" ROFLMAO

I would love to see that in color!!

Any hope of getting any info from the location of the yard sale??? Wouldn't it be a thrill to find the quilt!!!!!!

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yes it would be great to find the quilt...these were from tyler county the seller said ....he works for an auctioneer and got these in a box lot....so i dont know how to trace the quilt...the theory that you had scoop is sensible..but heres the quilt again with an older guy...prob 59 years old or so sportin his best suspenders....


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but heres the quilt again with an older guy...

'Shoots that theory all to hell, huh?? ROFL

Jesse & Frank James 1872.... 'Not sure how fast fashion changed for men. But, these sure look similar....


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To my untrained eye, those jackets sure look close Sue.

Belle Boyd, a famous confederate spy, was photographed by Morris in the late 1800's.

The mustache and slicked down hair might also help date the pic, if the right someone was looking at it.

Reading around more, 1870's to 1880 is looking good for it. For the mustache, for the hair, for that cut of the "sack suit". So, with my skills based on 1 whole hour of google (lol) that's my guess.

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