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Vitro Buttermilks


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While I'm at it, how about some Buttermilks?

Here's Bob's pic from Chuck's article at Joe's website to get things started. :)


And oh yes, Chuck's description:

Buttermilks have a red band on one side, a parallel red/blue band on the other side and a translucent buttermilk yellow base, sometimes with white. Buttermilks vary considerably in color and design. The blue sometimes darkens towards indigo, especially on the shooters. The smaller buttermilks tend to have ribbons and many of the shooters swirl significantly.


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Here's a different looking pair I've had on file. Not sure but I think they're "larger ones". Posted by Mary M at Marble Mental. There appeared to have been some question about the black ribbons but Guy and Randy both said black ribbons were okay, if I read it correctly.


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A couple more pix I found in my Buttermilk file. No idea whose they were. But I think the backlighting is awesome. Is this a typical amount of translucence for buttermilks?

(click to enlarge)

tn_gallery_279_160_9711.jpg tn_gallery_279_160_9121.jpg

Bit of trivia I just learned. Without seeing any of the marbles in this bag up close or being able to turn them around, there's a good chance there are buttermilks in here, and maybe some other buttermilk kin. Good chance the shooter is a buttermilk. Worcester Salt bags seem to be the homes of buttermilks. (obviously not my bag or I would check!)

(click to enlarge)


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Patry once told me that the Buttermilks that looked like fancy Helmets were way more common that ones that swirled around a bit. Same goes to the ones with ribbons (like top pic) Even when they were popular a few years back she still would not offer more than $5.00 each for this type."Just a fancier Tri-Lite" was how she put it. On the other hand she more than a little pissed that she lost this one when I listed it. So my take on them is. Big and swirly "good" small and plain "a pretty marble". Some of the big ones are real nice I will admit. This one was a hair under 3/4" if I remember correctly


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LOL. I just finished reading a thread at some other board where some pretentious dink who has been collecting for just over a year has written an article about these. Too funny. What ever happened to the Vitro guy Randy something or other. Him and Patry were great at giving no bull Vitro info you could trust.

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I saw that thread. He started it after I started this one. Someone might think he was trying to show me up. There are a couple of his I would like to have a 2nd opinion or more information on. But they're there and I can't ask. Welllll, I guess I could ask. Could post them here or at LOM. Maybe I will sometime.

But for now, what about Winnie's? Do they fall into the buttermilk range?

When the tri-lite article says "parallel red/blue band on the other side" does that mean both red and blue need to be present on the 2nd side? In a noticeable way? On one of Mary's shooters there appears to be just the black ribbon on the one side. I've heard more exceptions are allowed with shooters, which is why I asked what size Winnie's mib was. But what about with the 5/8" mibs? Is it important to have distinct ribbons of both colors?

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So, Winnie, my guess is no buttermilk on the 2nd, because it doesn't have a blue band.

On the first I would have thought not a buttermilk because it doesn't have an obvious 2nd red band.

But that's based on my thoughts about the meaning of the red/blue band in the tri-lite article.

Edit: ah, Dave was posting while I was! I'll let my guesses stand. And wait with bated breath for a Vitro person to tell me how close I am!

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Whipped us up some Vitro Buttermilks.

AWESOME picture!!!!! That's gotta be a gallery piece!!

I've gotta take some pictures... I usually stroll through these threads, but because I'm not really into these things, I don't really absorb a lot...

Now, there seems to be a guy selling stuff like this, for some good prices, at a nearby co-op...

I've picked up a lot of marbles that look "good" to me... But, I'm unsure of what they are and value...

I've gotta take some pictures and post 'em.... 'See if my "absorption" has been worthwhile!!


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OK.... I finally got around to taking pics of the marbles I thought might be Buttermilks...

What have I got here??? I love how the purple-ish color is so distinctly separate in the bottom one...


'Sorry about the blurry on this... My camera focused on the fabric behind...


This one has the clear space... Like a helmet.


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I think we're in the "nice tri-lite" area here.

There are some names, aquamilk, bluemilk, greenmilk, etc. which are being seen bandied about a little these days. I'm cautious with those. They seem to have been made for personal use of one or a few collectors. We have enough problems when we try to get a rigid definition for something like a buttermilk. I don't know how fun or constructive it would be to worry about the other names. And these extra Milk names were made up by people who like to have fun and enjoy their pretty marbles. So not for arguing about.

So . . . I like "nice tri-lite" ! :P

BUT in case you're curious as to what someone might call an aquamilk - here's one which recently sold on ebay. Chuck sent me the link so I know that one's "right". Here are a couple of the pix.

(click to enlarge)

th_350360557815_aquamilk_21_32nds_wind.jpg th_350360557815_windjet_c.jpg th_350360557815_windjet_d.jpg

(I'm curious about the price it went for - that seems HIGH! - especially when looking at the moons I think I see.)

Note the size, 21/32".

These various "milk" marbles tend to be a little oversize. One reason the name "milk" sorta makes sense for many of them is that they are often found together with the buttermilks. For example, they're often seen together in Worcester Salt bags. And also often found together in collections in the wild.

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The bottom left one

is try'n real hard Sue, that farm/cream (almondish) color

edit:(lol) cept it kinda needs more yellowish in the cream (damnitman)



my description was for a particular (in hand) observation

For "Buttermilk" the previous thread photos are an example,

e3: oh yea, (LOL)

somebody needs better pictures, hahaha

ah jus the one but haha anyway

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