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yah, I've heard from someone else that they're the same. Need to add that name to whatever lists we have.





any more? I kinda remember that he once claimed to have 8 - some big number - in a post on this board.

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p.s., he might be related to the eagle bennie seller. He has sold some of that person's signature pieces. Any ceramics he might offer are thus extra suspicious. (I'm looking at the AMT compartment that box I write this. And now at the icky looking "bennies" in his mixed lot currently for sale.)

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Person operating out of Maine (last I heard) who sold boxes on ebay with Akro logos and other company's marks, including Christensen Agate. Often used cagey language but was caught on occasion outright lying. The company marks are not that very well done, especially not when you see them side by side with real, but they have still on occasion confused some collectors with years of experience.

One example of a time when he was caught dead to rights for being involved in the creation of the packaging and not just someone who himself was duped was after he bought some dug Akros and they ended up in a counterfeit Akro bag.

He has a connection with someone in Washington state who sells recently made ceramic marbles as antique handmades.

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I clicked on them too and noticed the bad links. Then I check the date. :) Old thread bumped for a new question.

By the way, the Washington State ID's I know of who have a connection to Pavcraz are:



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Birchfield is the last name of most of the players who have been identified, both in Maine and in Washington State. At least one of the accounts was set up under a different last name but in the case I know about the address on the account still belonged to one of the Birchfields.

I do not have a confirmed name yet on the youhave2bid2win account. Maybe someone else here does?

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