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Big Book Of Marbles 4Th Edition

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After almost two years of working with Everett Grist,

the 4th Edition of THE BIG BOOK OF MARBLES has been published.


The Book is scheduled for release to the public on October 19th.

I have a few advance copies sent to me by the publisher.

I am selling signed personalized copies by mail for $25. 00

plus your choice of shipping- $3.00 Media Mail or $5.00 Priority Mail.



The infamous Speckled Trout Onionskin is pictured, as are many new and different handmade marbles.


The Christensen section has been updated with lots of new pictures.


There are many marble accessories seen for the first time.

I hope everyone enjoys the latest edition of this classic coffee table book.

Ask questions or Purchase with PayPal to Christine Huffer

[email protected]

To order by mail send check to:

Christine Huffer

11 Meander Ridge

Damascus, PA 18415

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Yep, Steph. Mikey's right in there with the important real marble makers, but even better, the book is well written, with hecka lots of really good, clear pictures of all kinds of marbles and boxes and everything else marbles.

I'm kinda hungry for an insect now, though.

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