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A New One For Me


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Here you can see,it begins with a straight line and got into a curved line,with some asmade dimples.

You also can see that it has under the green color a blueisch purple color and thats strange aswell.

I'm not certain,it's either Japanese or German.

winnie Forgot to say,I think it has been made accidentally this way.


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Cool, I took some pics of one a while back but they just don't do it justice. Similar in the sense it's green, white (w/ sparkles in the green only though) and some type of 9 and tail pattern. I'll see if I can get a better pic. It was just green and white if I recall, no blue or purple.


*edit* Well, I might have to wait for a sunny day, or a better camera. lol. Winnie, I'm envious of your marble and photography. There is some incidental aventurine in this marble which I'm not quite able to capture, but if you squint you can see a couple "streaks" between 2 and 4, and some sparkles between 7 and 12

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havethat(don't know your name),thats a cool one,I can see the aventurine in yours.

Yours is transparante,mine is opaque.

Me too wait for a sunny day to take better pictures cause it has lots of aventurine that i can't catch.

For now we only have snow here the last week,I use to like it but not anymore.It's not normal so early this year.

I think it has something to do with global warming LOL.

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LOL it's an old camera,I tried a new one but could not get used to it.

Sony DSC-F 717.

It has an extra macro lens.

5.0 mega pixels, and now these days you can work with 15.0 mega pixels.

I take the photo's of marbles on a gray underground and in photo-shop i can easy change the background in every color i want.


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