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Mf Slags Large

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I have several MFC slags over 1 3/16"

and a few at 1 in.??

Blue lots of white 9

Green (nice 9 )

Amber nice pattern)

No pics.Sorry.

any idea ball park as to value NM to MT??

I have been out of the loop for so long I have no idea.

Some general help please?/

I know I cannot rely on the book values.

and I don't want to get beat up on the price.

Thanks in advance


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A lot has to do with pattern and color so it really depends. Over 1-3/16" with a decent pattern would be of interest...majority of large slags I've seen are that size or smaller. Of course there are bigger slags out there...

The whole industrial application is an interesting topic. Industry usually tries to save money by doing without excess so I'd expect the ones made for industrial applications to be made from the plainest glass possible (ie: those transparent green marbles used for fiberglass or something) Back in the day where things were at the onset of industrial revolution it would make sense that large slags would be used for industrial applications, cause hey - they're already in the business of making marbles and if there's an order to fill for some larger marbles other than "toys", why not?

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Thanks so much for your info & insght.

The show is over & only one sold.

A 1 3/16 in green with a great 9

It went for the same price as Alan's.

The show was one of the slowest moving & have attended.

I was only there for a couple days. And only a few hrs. then.

The economy has really had effect here,

Although it's tough to sell to the people & collectors at these


They really don't want what they already have.

What they do want is what another collector doesn't want to


There were few offers on tne mibs I had for sale.

All in all it turned out to be an eye opener.

Thinking of collecting something else.

The thrill as they say is gone...

just my opinion..

of course what do I know.

thanks to those that showed interest..


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