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It was mentioned in the ID section that we should try to explain why we think it is, what we think it is.I see a likeness in the way the red bleeds to brown in the early peltier marbles.In Galens case it's a Miller rebel that didn't get much black,my marble is a patriot.In both cases the red bled to brown.It looks like a pelt rebel to me and a great size too.Maybe a little002-7-1.jpg aventurine???

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He looked a little Peltish to me too. Especially around the gills. But then I examined the suspect more closely. And during a deep cavity search, I commanded the subject to cough post-3033-0-65040200-1317183673_thumb.jpand I got a good look at what made him tick. And as Pelts are skin deep, I don't think the issue is wide open for discussion, any longer. Ahem, in a manner of speaking, that is. Besides...post-3033-0-24022200-1317184979_thumb.jp...interior views, (on opaque NLRs? Really?) combined with an uncanny similarity in the simple color palate to a known brown swirl...I wish I had better news. I really do.

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