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Someone posted an Alloway he has for sale. I took this clip out of his pic to post in a "what do you think this is" thread elsewhere ... you know ... the ones with pictures of things like the hairs on an insect's leg and you're supposed to guess where the offbeat photo came from .....

So anyway, I thought it was so beautiful I wanted to share and maybe you could add some interesting clips.


(p.s., here's a link to the Alloway in case anyone wants to see the whole thing or maybe buy it: link)

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Yep, I love that marble...I just wish I could've gotten it with all the adventurine showing, it kept blurring out with the shimmer (this one and Rich's with the copper are the only ones I had trouble with, it was weird)...no macro lens, just that fuji I just got with 26x magnifying...I don't think it's macro anyway, I just pulled it outta the box and started shooting. I am really bad about reading instructions, I put it on the 'flower/close-up' setting...well, that's my lingo, kinda simple...sorry; I guess I should read up more on what I purchase :blush:

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